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Posted on Thu, Feb 27, 2020

Strategies To Use In MLB Betting When Using Totals
Posted by bleuze
Posted on Thu, Feb 27, 2020

This article takes a look at some MLB total systems that have proved to be profitable over an extended period of time.

1.  Starting Pitching - The key statistics you want to look for when breaking down the starting pitching is ERA and WHIP.  Finding pitchers who has a high WHIP going up against a strong offense will likely lead to a lot of runs.

2.  Bullpen -  Well-rested bullpens tend to get the job done and keep the total from going over.

3.  Play UNDER in Game With Streaking Underdogs - For this system you must look for bad teams who are playing well.
TIP:  If you have a home team that is playing their 6th straight game as an underdog and has won at least two straight, you have a winner!

4.  Find a two and three of a 3-game series , where the first game of the series went over the total and play the under.

5.  Weather - If windy, expect more runs.

6.  Stadium - Know your stadium and if it is friendly to hitters

7.  Play the under in games With Short Money Line and Total of 10+ (many MLB bettors say the game should be from the American League.

8.  Rivalries - The under tends to be a strong play when you have two teams that are rivalries.

9.  Time of the Season - Pitchers usually tend to be at their best at the beginning of the season, which should have you looking for unders early.  I suggest prior games to the All-Star game.
10.  Know who the umpires are in a game.  Umpires with a small strike zone will often lead to higher-scoring games.

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