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Posted on Fri, Sep 6, 2019

52.5%; wouldn’t that be nice
Posted by Eeniemeenie
Posted on Fri, Sep 6, 2019

52.4 percent. Wouldn’t that be nice. 

If you’re new to sports betting one of the critical bits of knowledge which you will pick up the fastest is about the importance of the number 52.4. ‘52.4’? You ask eagerly. ‘As in - 52.4 percent?!?! AS IN THATS ALL I NEED TO BECOME THE RICHEST SPORTS BETTOR EVER?!?!?!

Yes to the first bit. 52.4 refers to a percent. A very important percent. But no, that’s not all you need, and no, this percent isn’t the key to extreme wealth. 

52.4 is the percentage of bets you need to win to break even. ‘Huh?’ You ask. ‘Why not 50?’

The answer is simple. A typical sports bet only pays out 10 dollars to every 11 wagered. That’s why you need to win more than half your bets - if all bets are equal - just to break even. 

Now this may sound like a lot of easy to obtain fun in principle. But is it really worth your time to break even? Sports betting is stressful. It’s not guaranteed income and, perhaps most importantly, it can take the fun out of one of the best experience we have as spectators - watching professional sports. It’s hard to cheer for your favorite NFL team when all you’re concerned with is seeing that less than 40 total points are scored.

This is why I feel compelled to tell you that unless your proficiency with picking winners falls higher than 55 out of 100 straight bets, then you can’t prove profitable over the short term. Yes, 100 bets is merely a short term sample. The long term is more accurately represented by your straight bet winning percentage over 1000 picks. 5000 is a true path to wealth. 

So now you know. If you could win just half the time...well... you’d be disappointed. Slightly better and you’d break even. But if you can reach the immaculate peak of 52.5% and above -  you’re doing better than just about all of the sports bettors out there. That’d be nice. 

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