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My style - My intro - My process


Research - Maybe the most simplest thing what must do but it's most important and it's must to be done in right way.

Math - most important thing of sports betting is understand the math and know how to use it.

Psychology - to make right bet must understand teams what's they motivation are, it's important aspect of game to now games and history behind it and every coach and player.

Discipline - to be successful must strictly stick to money management and right bet sizes.

And when you are able to combine everything together you can make right decision to make you successful sports bettor. Sports betting not get rich quickly it's long way to go and if all this things are combined together you gonna be successful, and that's what basically i'm doing come work with me and i'm guarantee you, together we gonna archive the targets, and i will show you constant winning streak.

If you gonna come to work with me there's gonna be few ground rules witch you must Hold by.

1st Never bet what you can't afford losses because there's don't exist 100% sure game.

2nd Never play parlays/accas because that's how bookies keep earn they money.

3rd Never bet when you are drunk or under any other substance as it's never gonna end good just stick away.

4rd Always bet my provided units - and you must have unit size bankroll what we gonna work out together.



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