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In less than a year, we managed to take Premium Picks from a little known resource anyone knew existed into one of the most popular and reputable firms in the sports betting industry. Our network of insiders are focused on helping you grow your bankroll by 10X.

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Each of our Premium picks go through a series of rigorous tests, analyzations, models, simulations, and the good ole fashioned eye ball test. Using statistical analysis we assign a power rating thats updated daily to each team, player, and coach.

It’s a process of elimination until we have isolated the selections for the day. Once we have all the data and ratings assigned we then simulate each matchup at least 10,000X through our various models and systems. When, and only when, a selection has a 70% chance or greater of covering the spread do we send it on to the final… historical statistical analytics model, unique to each system. At that point, only the very best selections remain and are released as a Premium Pick.

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Local bookmakers: So you're betting with a local bookie around the corner, no problem. Baring your local bookie isn't shaving points on you and he's giving you fair odds - you'll be 100% fine betting our Premium Picks!

Offshore bookmakers : So you're taking your action offshore down to Costa Rica or across the pond to the U.K. absolutely no worries! The offshore bookmakers run a very tight ship and typically the lines and odds are at the market rate

Las Vegas bookmakers: The one place you will have no problem betting is Las Vegas. The gaming commission in those parts do a fine job a keeping things fair. The only problem you'll experience in the desert is your action being limited. Bookmakers and directors do not take kindly to anyone with an advantaged. Like old saying goes, "Vegas wasn't built on winners".







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